Wow! It’s been FOREVER! Sorry about that. Life gets in the way sometimes…since my last update I have officially made the career leap from Marketing Research Consultant to…INTERIOR DESIGNER! I’m loving every day of it so far and am really happy with my decision to follow my gut and move to something that will allow me to be creative and problem solve despite not being the “practical” career path I have always felt I needed to take. Sometimes we just need to not be practical and hope that everything falls into place. While I’m not there yet, I’m setting goals for myself and learning every day and so much of that is due to my super awesome husband being so supportive in this major life change. Sacrifices will need to be made but fingers crossed it will all be worth it soon!

Ok enough of that…on to the real reason you’re here, (not so little) House on the Hill progress!

We’ve made some MAJOR progress on our since that forever-ago post I wrote about our home gym (which by the way, has also evolved with the addition of our new favorite toy a Peloton bike). But I’m back! And very soon I’ll be sharing some of our **gasp** COMPLETED PROJECTS! I know. I can hardly believe it either. See, we hit this weird point in the renovation where I REALLY wanted to show you completed projects rather than just work in progress updates but now that rooms are starting to be completed one by one I’ll be sharing both progress updates AND those things we’ve ticked off the (never ending) list.

Until then, here’s a sneak peek at the start of phase 2: the base cabinet that will be the foundation of an enviable pantry (one day). This was the husband’s first foray into cabinet building and I think so far so good! Unfortunately, there was some demo involved (see picture #4), which I have to say made me cringe a bit…but it’s better to do it right (right?)!

Despite these walls being all new, they were most definitely NOT square so the husband had to make do with what we had to work with and I for one think it looks amazing. Now our massive microwave (that he insisted we buy) doesn’t look so absurd since it’s not hanging off of a wire rack! The counter top is butcher block we bought from Home Depot which I’m actually really impressed with. We’ll be using the rest of it for the floating shelves on the sink wall of the kitchen to go with our island top that we’ve got planned (stay tuned!)

Next up is finishing the cabinet doors and painting this sucker. Then we can get to building the shelves above and we’ll have a pantry that will warrant absurd things like putting your cereal into plastic containers so it looks uniform 😜.

Oh, and barn doors to close it in…there’s always something!

Until next time!

One thought on “PHASE 2 BEGINS!

  1. It looks great, Carly! Are you going to cover the feet at the bottom? (Nice not to have to clean under there). This is a good way to finish up the winter, so that it starts to really come together for spring.

    I think you made a great decision to follow your heart, career-wise. You have a definite talent for it, and success follows happiness and satisfaction, not frustration.


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