My 2 biggest mantras throughout this renovation have been “just go for it” and “it’s only paint.” It’s hard to “just go for it” on bigger ticket items (like our railing or black windows) but sometimes you just have to trust your gut and hope for the best you’re not wrong! On the other hand “it’s only paint” has a much smaller risk factor. Worst case scenario your black powder room feels like a cave (it doesn’t) or your purple ceiling looks crazy at the top of your stairs (it doesn’t) or you hate the doors black once you paint them and have to paint them again. Paint can be pricey but nowhere near as bad as a whole new railing or window package! This weekend I jumped in with both feet and painted the inside of our front door and screen porch door black and I LOVE IT. It feels so bold yet timeless and is such a natural fit for our space. The only problem is that now at night I think our front door is open when I look toward the door 😂.

Moral of the story is, if you love something, just go for it, it’s only paint 😉


(Sorry for the crappy iPhone pictures. I’ll post some more on my Instagram once the house is more presentable!)

2 thoughts on “BLACK DOORS

  1. It does have a very traditional look. It reminds me of the black shutters on Colonial homes. Yet, it’s certainly modern. Black doors are not traditional. Love it, too! 🙂

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