Plans are important when you’re doing a renovation, but as I’ve been told in the past “planning is everything but plans are nothing” (or something like that).  Our plan for the last week was to bang out the framing and trimming of the windows (at least the upstairs ones) so that we could bring our cats home to the house at the end of last week.  Little did we know that a good friend of ours (who we owe lots of favors to after all of his help throughout this process) needed help packing and moving his HUGE house (on short notice, because hey…some people don’t like plans 😉) and then the kitchen island decided to pretty much fall on me.  What?  That’s not a regular occurrence in your house?  In ours it was pretty much up until Monday when the husband convinced me to push pause on the week’s plan (which was pretty much blown already) and shift gears to finishing the kitchen by reminding me that our kitten could be in danger if she jumped on the island and it wasn’t yet attached to the floor.  (Husbands take note – personal safety and inconvenience is nothing, kitten safety is everything.  Why he didn’t lead with that reasoning is beyond me.)So that leads me to the husband’s very busy day off yesterday assembling, attaching and accessorizing our island and lower cabinets (see what I did there??).  I have to give him major props because he started around 10am and was done around 8pm working all day finding solutions to issues he encountered as he went along.  By the time he was done and we ate dinner, I didn’t have the heart to tell him we had to work until it was time to crawl into bed so instead we caught up on some much needed TV watching.

As I’m sure you know by now, our kitchen cabinets are from IKEA and the doors are from Semihandmade (you can catch up on the kitchen here and here – though I’m just now realizing I never posted about the actual assembly…if anyone wants me to go back in time and write about our experience let me know!), this means that our kitchen island is not actually an island but 3 cabinets smooshed together to LOOK like an island.  In order to make the cabinets secure, we had to build a base so that the little plastic IKEA feet were not holding everything up (they’re not really feet per se so much as plastic tubes that the toe kick attaches to), attach said base to our un-level floor, connect the cabinets to each other and THEN connect the cabinets to the base itself.  This was definitely a labor intensive process (and it’s not fully complete since we still need to add the panels to the sides and back) but now our kitchen is safe, so I guess it was worth it 🙂


And then the real exciting stuff happened…THE HUSBAND ADDED PULLS TO ALL OF THE DRAWERS!  I know this doesn’t necessarily sound like the most exciting thing in the world but when you’ve been hurting your fingers every time you go to open a drawer for the better part of a month it is SUPER exciting. I’m loving how the brass looks against the teal and can’t wait to finally finish the rest of this kitchen! Maybe this will be the kick we need to finally finish the kitchen for real…or maybe we’ll go back to the other plan and work on the windows again 😉


Until next time!


  1. I just re-read this. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to put in lower cabinets. I thought you just put them where you want to, and that’s it. What a project it is, and how nice it turned out. Props to both of you!

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