It’s kind of surreal, and feels super weird, but we officially did it. We moved in to our (not so little) House on a Hill this weekend! 🎉🍾🥂 It’s hard to believe that the husband and I bought our first house less than a year ago with this crazy idea and here we are. It wasn’t easy, and even though most of you may have thought we were crazy, WE DID IT! Now, don’t get me wrong, there’s still tons of work to do, but the things left on the list are things that can be done while living here. My biggest stipulation to the husband was that I didn’t want to move in until we could bring our fur-babies with us. They won’t be here for another week as we still have lots of unpacking and trimming and cleaning to do to make sure it’s safe for them, but they’ll be here next week! I hope you’re all prepared for tons of cat pictures as they get settled in and explore their new home 🐱

As I’m sure many of you know, moving is never fun…or easy, but I do have to say that since we were living with the ‘rents it made things a lot easier. We slowly moved our furniture, kitchen stuff and finally our clothes in over the last month or so as move-in day approached and we made sure to unpack as we went which made the official move SO MUCH easier. If I have any advice for this phase of the process it’s that unpacking as you go is a MUST, we only have a handful of boxes that are not unpacked and that’s mostly because we don’t know where to put certain things yet or those spaces haven’t been built (the problem with a DIY renovation) but we’ll get there!

Here’s the evolution of moving the couch…as you can see the cushions came first, they provided just a touch more comfort than sitting on the floor or on picnic chairs did.


I was super excited to roll out our new rug for the living room and I was doubly excited when the pillows I had purchased months ago coordinated so well!

The kitten was clearly very helpful with packing 🐱


The current state of our dining room…chairs with torn up cushions, no cushions at all and moldy cushions all waiting patiently to be reupholstered.  We found the matching 4 chairs on ebay and the additional 2 are from my parents.  I love how they have the same mid-century feel without being the same.  The 4 black ones will be reupholstered in a chartreuse velvet and the other 2 will be teal velvet.  This will be my first upholstery job, and I think it should be pretty simple…but then again, I could just be feeling over-confident.  Wish me luck!


Here’s a peek at our bedroom!  It’s probably tied to being the closest to “done” room in the house with the kitchen.  The windows should be trimmed out in the next day or so then we’ll move onto other projects before coming back and doing the accent wall!  (More about that to come)


It was such a perfect day on Sunday I had to take a break to enjoy the view and a cup of coffee in our new rocking chairs from the in-laws 🙂 (please excuse the terribly un-focused picture, the sun was in my eyes 🙂 )


All in all, I’m pretty pleased with how things are turning out so far, working on all of the remaining “finishing” elements is really starting to make our house feel like a home.  While our decor may feel a bit like a mish-mosh of stuff at the moment, I’m just happy it’s ours and hey…that’s just a result of putting our money into the house itself rather than decor.  I can’t wait to be able to replace certain things, but for now it’s all ours and it’s in OUR HOUSE, and that just feels amazing.

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “WELL…WE DID IT!

  1. I hope you don’t end the blog yet. When the whole place is decorated and you guys are completely settled (which should be in two days! 😉 ), I’d like to see pics of the whole house with your smiling faces in them.


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