Since you got a sneak peek in my last post about the upstairs bath, I figured it was about time to talk about our doors. Doors are one of those things that the husband and I both had really strong feelings about…and luckily those feelings didn’t contradict each other. I have always wanted doors that had some sort of detail to them. Anything but slab doors really. Whenever we would go look at a really old house (much to the husbands dismay) the doors would be one of the first things I would admire. Gigantic pocket doors with all of their intricate detail just make my heart swoon 😍😍 (and almost made us put an offer in on a house we absolutely should not buy). Now obviously, those were not in the cards for our (not so) Little House on a Hill – a) total design mismatch and b) simply not in the budget.  Maybe I’ll get my dream of an antique door for our pantry closet, but that’s for another post.

Because of the clean lines and classic look we were going for in the house we decided to go with simple 2 panel shaker doors with no “sticking” (that’s what they call the detail where inside part of the panel meets the rest of the door). I went back and forth between 5 panel and 2 for a little bit but ultimately decided the 2 would be less busy and match the design better, especially since the landing at the top of our stairs has a total of 5 doors in roughly 30 square feet.

With that decision made, the husband’s strong feelings came into play…SOLID DOORS. This one was non-negotiable. He didn’t care about anything else regarding the doors but they absolutely HAD TO BE solid.

With that in mind, I hit the stores. I got a few quotes based on a few different brands and ultimately decided on REEB doors from Home Depot. They fit the budget, we’re solid (a combination of MDF and wood), came pre-hung with black hardware and were available in the shaker style we wanted. I learned that the pro desks at Home Depot can actually order you more things than are available as a consumer through their website, so that was really good to know…sometimes it pays to talk to someone.

Once the decision was made and doors were ordered they came in in about 2 weeks and we were ready to hang them! With the help of some awesome friends (and these awesome door hanger thingies – which we were sold on after watching 1 YouTube video), we got off to a great start and basically had all of the doors in the house hung in one weekend! Only one left to do, and that’s the basement since we’re still carrying lots of stuff up and down and don’t want to damage it. Hopefully that’ll be in by next week though!


Door knob
A close up of our door knobs

For door knobs, we went back and forth a few times on the shape – oval/egg shaped? levers? – but we knew they would be matte black for sure.  We had originally been set on the egg shape but after having a couple in the house through construction, we realized that if they were not absolutely PERFECT they would constantly shake a bit and would never be perfectly straight on the door.  Then I came across what I thought was a perfect blend of modern and traditional style in these square rosette, flat cylindrical knobs and was on the hunt for something that would fit the budget (door knobs can be EXPENSIVE!!! and that’s before you even multiply it by how many you need!).  When I found these SURE-LOC Bergen knobs on Wayfair and I was in love.  They were the right design AND in the budget…but they were out of stock 😭 so I did what I do best, looked everywhere online until I found them IN stock that could be delivered in a reasonable amount of time.  We absolutely love them!

Now all that’s left to do with the doors is finish trimming and paint! Any volunteers??

Until next time!

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