Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all had a fantastic, relaxing holiday weekend with your loved ones.  Anyone excited to be back at work???  No?  Not you?  Yeah…me neither since it means the long weekend of major progress the husband and I made on the house is over 😦 but alas, some of us need paying full time jobs, amirite?

Anyway…as I sit here writing this I’m having a really hard time focusing on anything besides the fact that our HARDWOOD FLOORS ARE BEING INSTALLED AS WE SPEAK!  I know, craziness.  So in order to help me maintain a sense of composure, I thought I would give you all an update!

As you know, walls are up and we’ve spent a lot of messy hours painting over the past week-ish.  With the help of some friends, we were able to get all of the first floor painted last weekend, which was a serious feat.  Since the main floor is mostly one open space we used the neutral warm grey I was talking about in my last post, Icy Avalanche by Sherwin Williams.

When I was at Lowe’s stocking up on brushes/rollers/paint trays, the guy at the paint counter recommended an edging tool that seriously saved us SO MUCH TIME.  Since I knew we were going to have a couple of friends come and help out, I started by “cutting” (why do they call it that anyway??) all of the ceilings with my new found favorite tool – the SHUR-LINE Edger Pro, this prevented us from having to tape all of the freshly painted ceilings which would have taken FOREVER and inevitably bleed anyway.  When I was done edging, I did have a minor panic attack thinking that the grey was actually too dark, but I trusted my gut (and the husband’s reassurance – which I know was simply because he didn’t want to start the whole color picking process all over again…AND that we had bought 6 gallons of the stuff already) and just went with it.

A lot of the walls in the kitchen will end up being covered by cabinets and back-splash so that meant we only needed one coat of paint on those walls so they didn’t look funny until we finish the kitchen.  The rest of the walls and closets got 2 coats of paint to make sure they were even and when those were all dry and we got to see them during the daylight the next day – I was super happy with the color choice.  PHEW (that could’ve been bad).  Here are a few shots of the finished grey walls on the first floor.

Next up was the husband’s office.  For the most part, he agrees with my taste in decor, Office inspiration.PNGbut as was the case when we were planning our wedding – he does have veto power (or at least he does speak up when he seriously objects) so when it came to picking a color for his office I originally wanted to paint it black.  He had forever been telling me (jokingly of course) that he wanted his office to be “black on black on black“…so I started looking around for some inspiration and came across this image to the right from KLT Interiors (a designer with a bold, eclectic style that I’m obsessed with) and instantly fell in love.  The more I thought about it though, the more I wanted that cool pattern in the main part of the house, which the husband decided would make his office less unique so we decided that I will paint this type of pattern on the wall where our bar will be in the dining room and we would go with a different color for his office.  Instead of black, I picked out 2 colors for him to choose from: Dark Night – a dark teal, and Jasper – a dark green.  Both of these colors on the walls look close to black until you look at them in good light, which will give the room the same effect that the black paint would have.  The husband ultimately picked Dark Night and I absolutely LOVE it on the walls.  It’s going to really pop off of the light wood floors and white trim.

The husband's office

Upstairs we stuck with the grey for most of the rooms with the exception of an accent wall that will be going up in our master (not there yet!) and the ceiling in the back bedroom which will be my office.  If you’ve been following along, you’ll remember that I love the fact that people are now treating ceilings as a “fifth wall” (you can read my post about accent ceiling inspiration here).  I had decided a while ago that I would paint my ceiling a dark purple, the only questions were (a) which purple, and (b) how far should the purple come down the walls – if at all.  I ended up going with a purple called Extravagance from Behr and having them add just slightly less pigment to it than the computer formula calls for and we also decided to bring the purple down to just below the top of the windows.  Where the grey meets the purple currently, I’ll mount a white picture rail so that I can lean things against the wall.  (Sorry for the terrible lighting, finishing projects at night doesn’t bode well for photography…I’ll get good pictures eventually but for now I’ll have to settle for these horrible ones that make me hurt a little inside.)


We definitely ran into some challenges, such as painting the ceiling and walls in the stairwell, which had the husband precariously perched on a ladder that was balanced on the stairs and had us trapped upstairs for a few hours.  But all in all, painting went pretty smoothly and now it’s time to get those floors in!  I can’t wait to see what they look like tonight!IMG_8926

Until next time!



p.s. sorry for the #crappyiphonephotos in the dark, we’ll have better light soon!

3 thoughts on “PAINT & UPDATES!

  1. You’ve made so much progress, this is so exciting! Can’t wait to see it! I love your bold color choices. The grey is so relaxing, then you have the punches of beautiful color. How are you going to get that design on the wall?


      1. I’m sure you’ll have fun no matter what you do. Freehand will be more interesting looking than stencil or wall paper.


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