Sorry for being a bit MIA the last couple of weeks, things have been a bit crazy around here!  There has been MAJOR progress on our (not so) Little House on a Hill that I’m super excited to share with you…WE HAVE WALLS!  And I’m not talking just framing…like actual, real-life, solid walls that you can’t walk through!  Getting to this point has been pretty crazy, but it’s finally here and the husband and I are super excited (he’s especially excited since he didn’t have to put them up ;)).  Yes, we did for a hot sec consider installing the drywall ourselves, but after much debate, we decided that it would be well worth the money to leave this step to the professionals to save us a TON of time and headaches.

I know I have said this a million times already, but the steps that actually transform the look of this project are the ones that make me the most excited.  It was such a shock (a positive one of course) to walk into the house after the first full day of drywall install and see walls…you couldn’t have wiped that smile off my face if you tried.  This step was probably the biggest transformation yet in terms of the build and it was the first time that we really felt like there was an end in sight.  The husband keeps reminding me that we’re moving pretty quickly on this project but it just doesn’t feel quick enough when you’re not putting things up/in that aren’t actually going to end up being visible.  But WALLS???  Now those are visible 🙂

Picking colors for the walls was a HUGE challenge, but one that I started tackling a long time ago with the help of my mom (Hi mom!).  While I knew the color palette I wanted to use (grey, white, black, teal with touches of green and purple) there are HUNDREDS of each of those.  I probably brought home 20+ white and grey paint chips from various stores and while the husband would say “they all look white/grey” my mom and I would go through the new ones each day and classify them into “too warm,” “too cool,” and “possible contenders.”  I wanted to make sure that while most of the walls would be grey, it wasn’t too cold and clinical.  I had the same concern when it came to white and what to put on the ceiling.  In the end, we chose Sherwin Williams colors Icy Avalanche and Snowbound as our main colors.  Icy Avalanche is a great warmer light grey that looks close to white in when compared to other grey’s and grey when it’s compared to white…it kind of falls into that “greige” category.  I had similar reasons for choosing Snowbound, I wanted a slightly warmer white to offset the cooler colors we’ll be using in the decor (such as the teal cabinets) but I also didn’t want something that looked too much like a COLOR.

paint swatches
Online swatches
whole house paint
Paint swatches on the primer’ed wall

My biggest question when it came to paint was, what color should the ceiling be?  Now if you ask one of the customer service people at your typical paint counter at Home Depot or Lowe’s they’ll tell you to buy “ceiling white”  but that just didn’t feel right so I started doing some research.  After reading tons of blogs and scowering Pinterest and Houzz, I found that a lot of people do in fact use ceiling white, many people choose other whites in a flat finish and love it.  I’m not going to say that this gave me 100% confidence in my decision to use Snowbound on the ceilings as well, but it made me feel a little better.  Besides…it’s only paint…I can always ask the husband to paint it again 😉

Without further ado, here’s a quick tour of the house with walls!  I promise to share more detailed room by room pictures as things start coming together!

And just for good measure, here’s a #TransformationTuesday of the first view I ever got of the house to the first snow the new house has seen 🙂

Until next time!

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