It seems I’ve found myself in another design nerd dilemma, and I need your help!  For those of you who have been following along, you know that our master bathroom has been designed for a while.  The plan is to have a very timeless black and white design with a bit of a retro feel and wood for added warmth.  I’m loving hexagons when it comes to flooring, and they are playing a major role in this bathroom for sure with the larger hex flooring and matching smaller hex floor in the shower.  The second full bathroom, however, has been a bit more of a question mark…so the husband and I are looking for your votes!

Below is a picture of the bathroom in question (yes we have drywall up, more on that soon!)  Upstairs bath

The walls of the shower will be a standard 3×6 subway tile in a cross-hatch pattern like you see on the crosshatchleft here.  The debate is about the floor design.  Now originally I was thinking of keeping it very simple and just going with more 2″ black hexagons as a way of tying the two upstairs bathrooms together.  When we were still in the demo phase of this project we found a layer of paint in the original bathroom that was the perfect 60’s shade of green that has just been stuck in my head.  I know, that doesn’t REALLY count as keeping the character of the house, but it definitely did give me some inspiration for our color palette.  So when I came across these 1″ light green hexagon tiles the color-lover in me that was just dying to get out broke free (also, my favorite color AND shape all in one!? Yes please!).

Now for the decision…you can do ANYTHING with hexagon penny tiles.  And that is no exaggeration…here are just a few of many designs (and these are – for the most part – 2 tone designs so they’re already narrowed down a TON):


Because I know I want to keep it simple and not go overboard with something I love but someone else will hate, I’ve narrowed it down to 2 options: scattered flowers or dots.  I happened to stumble upon a blog called Retro Renovation from a few years ago where Kate was playing with the same green hex tile I’m planning on using.  Luckily enough for me, her Photoshop skills are way better than mine which means that I now have mock-ups of the options that were in my head!  So without further ado, here are the options:

Option A – Dots
image (2)
Option B – Flowers

What do you think?  While the flowers may be more traditional, are they too “cute”?  I don’t want the bathroom to be CUTE.  Which would you go with if it were your house, or should I be a bit bolder and go with one of the other patterns?  HELP!

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