One of the rooms that I’m perhaps most looking forward to seeing come to life is my craft room/office. It’s the one room that I’m really taking a bit of a risk in and we’re going to be PAINTING THE CEILING!  I know **gasp**!  It’s the next best thing to wallpapering the ceiling which the husband simply refuses to help me put up (or in the inevitable situation where I find something I like more down the road, take it down and replace it). So painting is simply the best option and I for one am SUPER excited.Ever since I started perusing the internet for inspiration for the house I’ve become mildly obsessed with the idea of doing something dramatic on a ceiling.  I mean come on, how could you NOT love these wallpapered beauties!?

(Ok, that last one may be a bit much to live with on a regular basis but you have to admit, the colors and bold patterns are GORGEOUS.)  Since going so bold is just simply not practical, I’ve had to (somewhat) settle for Plan P (P as in Paint that is) which can be refinished much easier when the room needs to serve a new purpose.

The perfect room to try this out on seemed to be my office/craft room.  It is situated at the top of the stairs so it will just barely be within the sight-line of the front door…enough that for those guests who notice it they might be drawn upstairs to check it out.  I have dreamed about having a craft room for as long as I can remember (tween/teen Carly had a rolling drawer set stuffed to the brim with beads, yarn, embroidery thread and more), and I could not be more excited to start putting the real thing together!  (Is it weird that craft-room organizational systems make me happy?)  I’ll get into more of those details as we get closer and I need to start finalizing those details.

But for now, I have my paint plan set.  We will be painting the ceiling a deep eggplant purple that comes down just below the tops of the windows to meet a simple white picture rail, sort of like they’ve done here:

Below the picture rail will be a warm, light grey to create a cohesive look with the rest of the house.  I’ve got my eye on a mix of eclectic and modern accents and surely some exciting pops of color, but by far the star of the show is going to be my ACCENT CEILING.

What do you think of the new accent ceiling trend?  Yay or nay?

Until next time!


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