Since I got some great input from you guys when I was having trouble deciding on window configurations, I’m looking for your help again!  It’s time for another design choice dilemma that I need your input on!  This time, we’re talking siding.

Our Little House on a Hill has made so much progress in the last month and is finally starting to resemble a livable home (ignoring the fact that there’s no walls, plumbing, electrical, etc….you know, all that important stuff).  Siding, however, is clearly missing, and it’s making the house look quite sad if you ask me.


While I love the look of board and batten siding (vertical panels), I have been vetoed by the husband.  Since we’re going with vinyl for sure, he’s not a big fan of how the vinyl board and batten looks compared to the real stuff…so as a result, we will be going with a wider vinyl traditional lap siding (probably in 4″).

The dilemma comes from deciding the color to put up.  Since it’s vinyl, once a decision is made there’s no going back – and if you know me at all, I’m sure you’re aware that I am the kind of person who likes to play with colors and change my nail polish every week so making a commitment to a color for our house is really stressing me out.  I have probably changed my mind every other day in terms of the “final decision” that I’ve made (good thing we haven’t ordered anything yet!).

We are currently deciding between white and light grey siding.  On the one hand, white is absolutely timeless and will give the house a more classic look that I love about the historical colonials in our area.  On the other hand a light grey would allow us to do white trim to really make our black windows pop.  WHAT SHOULD WE DO!?

In order to help us make this decision, here are a few things for you to consider:

  • The front porch will have stained wood columns similar to one of the images below to bring some warmth to the outside of the house:
What did everyone do before Houzz??
What did everyone do before Houzz?? Top left: Top right: Bottom left: Bottom right:
  • Our front door will be somewhere between chartreuse and avocado green…yes, you read that correctly 🙂 (and no, this is not something that is up for debate).  Below are the top contenders currently:



The other big question is do we spend a little extra money and do scalloped siding in the gables of the house.  The gables are on the sides of the house, but there are 4 of them (3 on the main body of the house itself – 2 on the sides, 1 in the back, and 1 on the screen porch).  One of the things I love about antique colonials are the multiple siding materials that they used to use.  I know that our Little House on a Hill is basically a new build, but I would love for it to have more character than typical new builds do, and I would love for it to feel inspired by some of the gorgeous early 1900’s homes that you drive by on the way to our house.

Let me know what you think!


5 thoughts on “SIDING DECISIONS

  1. I vote for grey with the added scallops. While I do love white, I think the grey with white trim and dark columns will look lovely and won’t be trending out.


  2. Did you decide? The trim could be a different color edged with a third color. That would give the house depth. Guess Jon wants a house you can power wash clean and never have to paint or re-stain. I don’t blame him.


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