Happy Friday everyone (and no, that’s not the first time this week I’ve said that…yes, it’s been a long “short” week)!  It has been a week of progress and decision making and an exhausting one at that.  

We began the week by spending a day clearing out the basement of all the old appliances (hot water heater, furnace and oil tank – that’s an appliance too right?) which did not go quite as smoothly as anticipated.  Without getting into too much detail, our basement smells a lot like oil.  ANYWAY…we managed to siphon our nearly full tank of oil that we paid for at closing and fill my in-law’s oil tank.  This was quite the feat believe-you-me!  I don’t think any of us anticipated just how long it would take but I’m really glad we were able to give it to them rather than paying more money to get rid of it.

Once the oil situation was taken care of there were lots of decisions to be made about who we’re working with to get our roof shingled, plumbing, HVAC and walking through our electrical plan.  I am so happy to finally be making decisions and getting things started inside that it almost makes me forget there’s still a huge hole in the backyard where our new foundation is going!  Either way, things are moving along so quickly and boy, what a difference a month makes!


Just over a month ago we finished the last of our demo of the first floor.  All that was left were a couple of walls for spacing reference (and holding up the roof of course).  I can’t believe how quickly our Little House on a Hill has transformed!  While the days dragged on over the last month and it felt like things were taking forever, looking at the progress that we’ve made is so exciting!

Up next week are front porch, doors (hopefully) and the back of our house finally taking it’s proper shape!  Stay tuned!

p.s. for those of you who weighed in on the window debate, thank you for your advice!  I couldn’t be happier with how the 2 over 2 black windows look ❤


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