Well it’s been one heck of a busy week at our Little House on a Hill (that’s starting to not look so little anymore)!  The exterior and interior framing upstairs is all in place and the roof is pretty much framed and closed in!The hubby and I both spent the week going back and forth to the house, work and my parent’s house and it’s been pretty exhausting but alas, that is our new reality…at least for now.  We’re both well aware of the fact that we have 2 full-time jobs at the moment – the ones that pay and the one that take all of our money.

One of our biggest lessons this week were the pros and cons of converting to natural gas (and things I wish we had been told first).

  • Pros: 2 words – Gas.  Stove.  Yes, that’s my priority when it comes to gas 🙂  Of course there are other pros to converting the house to gas – lower energy costs, efficiency, etc. but those are not as high on my radar.
  • Cons: As we quickly found out (after it was too late to turn back of course) both our furnace and hot water heater will need to be replaced.  When we bought the house we were glad that these were both in great shape and the furnace could even be converted to gas at a reasonable cost.  However, when I met with the natural gas company to determine where the meter would go, I learned that the hot water heater would need to be replaced, and the following day when we met with a plumber to go over what we need for the house so he could put a quote together he pointed out that while our dinosaur of a furnace could in fact be converted to gas and be used for the rest of forever…it actually needs to be replaced since we took the chimney down and have no place to put a new one up.  While it’s not the end of the world since I don’t think we would’ve changed the design to accommodate a chimney in the plans, it is another hit to our budget in terms of money we didn’t plan on spending

A lot of this week has been spent getting quotes.  Quotes for everything from plumbing to electrical to roofing and siding to HVAC (anyone have any good recommendations in the area for any of these we would be happy to hear them!).  I have been asked many questions I don’t know the answers to, been shocked by quotes I’ve received and have generally just been trying to learn anything I can about what we’re in for.  All in all, it’s been both enlightening and extremely stressful…but who ever said a renovation wouldn’t be stressful!

Ok, now on to the good stuff…WALLS AND A ROOF!  The first couple of times I went upstairs now I’ve been worried the house feels really small.  Now that all of the framing is in, you can tell that while it definitely is small – it’s not bad small.  And I am so happy with the size of the windows upstairs, and there are going to be so many of them!  I can’t wait for the windows to be delivered and installed in a couple of weeks!

We have walls and a roof!
Master bedroom
Walk-in closet
Master bath
Front bedroom
Back bedroom/my office!


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