Now that demo is over, it’s time to start buckling down and finalizing my design choices.  I’ve had a very specific design in my head for my dream kitchen for YEARS and the fact that it could actually become a reality is somewhat mind-blowing to me.

I decided a long time ago (I can’t remember exactly when) that I wanted TEAL lower cabinets.  For those of you who know me, I’m sure you’re well aware that I absolutely adore this color.  From there, I had my base to work with and wanted to create a space that feels both modern and rustic with a bit of industrial flair – some might call it ‘eclectic’.  Yes, I’m well aware that that sounds a tad crazy, but trust me, it’s going to work!

Here is my mood board for the kitchen…what do you think?!


I LOVE brushed brass fixtures and hardware and you can be sure I will be using as much as I can before the hubby pulls his veto power and says enough is enough.  I think the brass makes the cabinet color pop and brings that modern feel I’m looking for into the kitchen.

The herringbone backsplash is (what I think) a fantastic modern twist to a classic subway tile.  For budget reasons, subway tile makes the most sense for us, but I wanted to avoid doing a standard stacked pattern since the whole back wall in the kitchen will be covered in it and that just doesn’t have enough pop to me.  We will need to practice this design prior to tackling it in the actual kitchen, but this is definitely one of the things I’m most looking forward to.

The floating shelves and butcher block island top will bring some much needed warmth into the space.  I’m all about cool colors and a bright and airy look – but I think it’s important for the space to feel grounded, and by bringing some warmer wood tones up into the visual field I think we will find the perfect balance.  Best of all, we’re going to make these out of the flooring we pulled out of the house!  Stay tuned for that DIY!

And last but not least – another slightly unexpected element – the black range hood.  This is another element that I think will help tie the space together, bringing in some visual contrast to our white upper cabinets on that wall and connecting with the pop of the black windows we’re going to have.

I for one am BEYOND EXCITED to finally see the elements that have been floating around in my head come to life and I can’t wait to share that journey with you too!


  1. Hi. Exciting project. When I plan a kitchen I set up the space using cardboard boxes to represent the units and lay out a design. I then stand in the ‘kitchen’ and pretend that I am making a cake – so I need bowls, spoons, sugar, the oven, the fridge. It really helps to work out the layout. Best of luck. Kitchens are so exciting


    1. That’s a great idea! If I had a space to put any sort of mock-kitchen in at the moment I definitely would be! I’ve been longing to even just tape it out with blue tape but I have to wait for the walls to go up at least! Stay tuned!


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