It’s just about time for building to start which means that we need to decide on and order windows!  This is the first major design decision to get to this phase – and it’s a HUGE one at that!  I believe that windows are too often overlooked as a design element both inside and outside a house and I really want to make sure our Little House on a Hill looks gorgeous both from the street and from inside.

With that said, I know one thing for sure – our windows will be black.  Black outside, black inside.  I am a huge fan of contrast when designing anything (from what I wear on a daily basis to interior design choices) and when I first started seeing black windows I was IN LOVE.  I also know that I want the tops and the bottoms of the windows to match – I can appreciate six over one paned windows, they’re just not my thing…at least not for this house.

Now we have to decide on which style we want…I’ve narrowed down to 2 options: six over six OR two over two.  The house will have light grey wide clapboard siding and a black roof.  If money were no object (and practical things such as cleaning didn’t matter either), which would you go with?

Six over six? (The house will be much smaller than this one)
Two over two?

Next up…flooring!


  1. hi You probably have done this already but what I do is print out my plans, then sketch the windows onto graph paper then stick them onto the plans – I do them in all the style options. Takes a while and a coffee helps! But if you do this you really get a feel for how they look – just a thought. Best of luck.

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