If you have never done demo (which we hadn’t) one of the first things you realize is that it is going to take A LONG TIME…and when you have a full time job and can only work on the house (which has no electricity due to demo safety precautions) during daylight hours, it’s going to take A REALLY LONG TIME.  Needless to say, the hubby and I needed a little break, and luckily enough for us, we had a Spartan race on our schedule!  (Yes, to us that does count as a break :))

Our second race of the season was a Super in Pennsylvania at Blue Mountain Resort.  Our last trip to this venue was 2 years ago for our first race together – a Sprint – and we remembered that it was challenging but not killer compared to other locations.  Man oh man does the memory like to save some things and not others.

File_000 (1)
Flashback to our first race

On our drive there, the hubby kept saying “it was definitely rocky…and there were a lot of hills” but for some reason (maybe because it was my first race and I blocked it out) I didn’t think it was terrible.  When we pulled up to the mountain, however, we quickly realized we were wrong.

We hadn’t trained too much since we had been working on the house so we knew it was going to be a hard day.  After we parked we started our race morning with our go-to hydrater…chia seeds in water (super gross if you just pour them in plain water – like drinking gloppy slime – but they definitely keep you hydrated throughout the day and prevent the hunger from striking!) and strapped our feet into our race shoes and we were off to the starting line!

We usually head to the race location the night before but it had been a crazy few weeks and the hubby got home really late so we drove out that morning which meant that we were cutting it close on time.  We barely had a minute to look at the course map to see what we were getting ourselves into…either way, off we went!

Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania is a few things…mostly it’s ROCKY.  There was so much hiking straight up and down rocks through the woods it was crazy.  The obstacles were pretty much what we expected, with a few new ones in there, but the course itself was pretty darn challenging.  All in all, it was  good race, definitely not one of our best (but I’ll blame that on the house) but a solid Super.

Afterwards we headed to Mountain Vista Campground about 30 mins away to call it a night in what is quickly becoming our home away from home – our truck tent.  The campsite was awesome, definitely a place we’ll keep in mind for the future – it had full hook-ups at all of the sites, wifi, live music and lawn games and more!  And since the hubby wasn’t doubling up for the weekend we actually got to sleep in the next morning (if you count sleeping in waking up at around 8:00am because the site next to you had to use up their firecrackers before hitting the road)!

Of course, the weekend couldn’t be over without SOME work on the house so we drove straight there in the morning.  It was definitely not our most productive day given our level of exhaustion, but it was better than nothing!

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