We did it!  We officially closed on our Little House on a Hill!  The process was long and stressful, and full of frustrating days of unanswered questions, but the day has finally come that that is all over and we are officially homeowners!

The whole closing process was a bit anti-climactic if you ask me – however the husband might disagree due to a whole 60¢ debacle…I may or may not have read his “79” as “19” and gotten checks for 60¢ less than we needed.  Nothing a few coins couldn’t fix!  But we did it and the house is officially ours!

We have keys!!!

Immediately after closing we started taking pictures.  Since we’re renovating the ENTIRE house, we wanted to make sure everything was well documented.  The husband made sure that none of the sledgehammers or other tools were available yet so that I wouldn’t be tempted.

It’s officially ours 🙂 Welcome to Our Little House on a Hill

Needless to say, documenting everything took a while, and was done complete with GoPro video tour.  I’m really glad we have all of the pictures we took, it will be an incredible reminder of where we started.


More than that though, I was REALLY looking forward to getting to work, so once all documentation was complete, we picked up the tools and started pulling out the kitchen.  First came the big cabinet we wanted to save…and the first demo lesson we learned.  Solid wood was used in the 70’s for cabinets and boy does it like to fight back!  I think we were a little nervous at first so we weren’t as hard on it, but once we realized what we were working with we got right down to business.  The doors came off, then the drawers came out and then we started trying to unscrew things from the walls.

File_000 (1)
Almost halfway!  Hi hubby!
All done for the night!

Once it started getting dark we decided it was a good time to test out some Chinese food delivery and call it a day.  It was certainly a memorable day, that’s for sure.  We felt such a sense of accomplishment driving away that night and can’t wait to dive in for more!

File_002 (1)
Our first sunset over the lake…soon it’ll be a much more direct view! Can’t wait!

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