Well, moving weekend was a long, exhausting one…but we did it.  We’re officially moved out of our first apartment.  The move was bittersweet, it was our first home together, the home we lived in when we got married, and the first place we learned how to blend our styles.  We’ve established that Jon has “veto power” on my design choices, but I really do try to keep him in mind when I’m putting things together!


And now that moving day is over…we are officially living with my parents.

People always warn you and say “oh, good luck!” when they hear about our current living situation, but it really hasn’t been bad so far.  We are trying to be courteous guests since they are doing us a HUGE favor, while also establishing some space that is our own to decompress from the day as we used to when we were living in our apartment.  It’s nice to have someone to share cooking responsibilities, means that there are more homemade dinners since there’s always an alternate chef around when someone is tired.  It’s always a challenge living in your childhood home, with your parents, and your new husband…but all in all, I think living with the ‘rents will work out pretty smoothly.

We close on the house next week then it’s on to demo and construction and I just can’t wait!  Let the summer begin!

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