After about a year and 100+ house viewings later…we finally found it.  A house that will be the perfect first project.  You see, with every house that Jon and I looked at there was always SOMETHING that we would want to change.  A door knob here, flooring there, an entire kitchen, no big deal – right?  When we came across this little cape on a lake I just had a good feeling.


When I first went to the open house with my mom it felt like a project that was well within our grasp.  The bones of the house were great and while the footprint was small it felt like something that we (as newbies to this whole home renovation thing) could take on and not get buried by.

Since the day we put in our offer I’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration and trying to narrow in on my vision for the house.  The biggest challenge is that I am inspired by so many different styles that if we want this house to potentially be able to sell within the next 3-5 years I need to be careful that the design choices I make not only fit our tight budget but are also appealing to a wide audience than my eclectic mix-and-match taste tends to be.  That being said, who knows how long we will ACTUALLY live there so I don’t want to skimp on anything that will truly make us happy while we’re there.  Pro’s and con’s all around!

With a plan to renovate and move in within the next 3 months, we’ve got a TON of work ahead of us (which is a severe understatement) and I can’t wait!  Let the adventure begin!

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